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Friday, August 13, 2010


Today I started with trying to get on a schedule. One variable is of course wake up time... but eat, scriptures and whatever until 9am. Shower, monitoring for an hour. Read, lunch around 1. Then in the afternoon craft time.. or the original Mario Bros o the wii they have in the lounge they have for us moms. I totally played for 30-45min and yes, the pads on my thumbs hurt. I loved it! I even remembered most of the hidden coin, or extra guy spots. They have SO much to do in the craft room and tons of recliner chairs so non of us are going against our 'bed rest' rules. If I could describe the amount of scrapbook paper, insane!! They have embossing tools, cricuts, paint supplies, cards, crafts for kids, foam kits, stamps, punches... the list goes on... I'm going to be spending a lot of time in the afternoons there! First step is to make a couple of items to decorate my room so it doesn't look so clinical.

anyways back to my schedule, dinner and then either TV or reading whatever I feel like. The last two day of trying the schedule have really been great for making time go by.

Oh and I was pampered today. A lady from my ward came up and did a facial, rubbed my shoulders, rubbed my feet and put lots of lotion and then plastic bags with booties on them. It felt so good! Couple that with getting to use conditioner in my hair for the 1st time in over a week... and real lotion on my body.. it felt awesome! And since I did a stellar shave job on my legs, I haven't stopped feeling up my shins all day, my skin is so soft and smooth! I know to much info....

and Leslie, Pictures were taken of the chicken, I'll try and get them posted soon!

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Melissa said...

I"m glad you're keeping busy! It sounds like an awesome hospital! I don't think we have anything that nice sounding in my whole state! Have fun crafting!