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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Happy Update!

HELLO 25 weeks! I FINALLY just saw my Doc and it was worth the weight. He does his rounds later so he can spend more time with patients. Usually you're lucky to get 5 min... I had 45! I wish I could tell you how much I love my doc and that I have a REALLY, REALLY good doc. He's one of the only ones around that would even do my revision surgery. So He's pretty optimistic that I'll be here for many more weeks and that I could easily make it to 30. (granted, other things could always happen, but he's not expecting them too yet) I am back on monitoring, 2x a day 1hr each on the 'contraction' monitor just to make sure since I felt a little tightening today. Granted with all the stress and anxiousness... I'm chalking it up to that. He is also just fine with me having a VBAC, but out of the four Docs from his practice that round... 1 will not let me, 2 will and 1 flip flops... so I told him he needs to give me his schedule so I don't try and labor if he's not here.

I also get wheelchair rides now.. FREEDOM! WOOHOO!! up to 30 min a day.. SO EXCITING!!!!

I can't tell y'all how relived I feel. I had really worked myself up today and just had an emotional day but thanks to my awesome husband, who sent my pillow down with friends (and to my friends for bringing said pillow), and a little ambien.. I should be much better tomorrow!

Next up 26 weeks!


Emily said...

Alright you get wheels now! I'm sure that will help with the time going by too! Getting out of that same area will help! 26 weeks here you come!

Jeff and Brittney said...

Tracy, I'm happy for the great news! I love hearing from you daily. I would like to come visit some time. What day/time is good for you? What are you craving (food or activity)? You are a trooper and doing so well being patient!

Love, Britt

Cheyenne said...

I know it's killing you being in that hospital. But you're doing so good!! It's going to be soooooo worth it!!

Meredith said...

Hooray for all of it!

And I'm so glad you're taking the ambien. :)

Crystal and Billy said...

Good news! Yes, let's make it to at least 30 weeks!

Jeni said...

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming! (and only someone else with kids will get that!)

Keep on keepin on, my friend. Baby girl is getting stronger every day! Every day you can keep her in you is a victory!

Natalie said...

phew...i finally caught up on all your goings and sheesh! i went on vacation and then like a whole bunch of stuff happened. i'm so sorry that you have so much hospital time but if it helps you and the baby stay safe so be it. keep me posted on what you're reading. i'm always looking for a good book.