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Saturday, August 7, 2010

1st full day

On bed rest in the hospital and I'm bored! I have watched a couple episodes of House, Extreme Home Makeover, showered, ate... oh I talked with some people online and on the phone. I haven't tried reading again yet, will probably start that tomorrow. Since I just got rid of my headache I didn't want to delve right back into reading. However, as aforementioned....I'm bored so I must start a new hobby. My mom said she'll try and find me something while at work that I can do, cross stitch, embroidery, who knows really, I wish I could get my binding made for my quilt then I could work on putting the binding on and have that to brighten my room.
Ok so that's my new project I want to do. I can lay in my room on bed rest and put my binding on my small quilt. Now just to find someone who has nothing better to do then piece my binding together for me and bring it to me with lots of needles and thread. Sometimes I wish I had a magic wand.

Ok so life is not really this difficult, but it is odd to spend your anniversary away from family. Mike and I even had tentative plans, so maybe we'll get to rain check. I did see one of the Docs today and she said all her reports from surgery has it being a success but I won't see my OB until Monday I'm guessing. He's not on call this weekend. So here's to hoping for a couple of uneventful days ahead. Tuesday is 25 weeks!!!! Only a few more to go until we can all breathe a bit easier.


Sheri said...

Hey, if you get super bored and need some company let me know. We're back from d.c. and I don't really have anything going on or things I need to do.

Jeni said...

Get someone to teach you how to crochet. It's something you can do and watch tv once you get the hang of it, so you wont' have to really concentrate on it like cross stitiching, so maybe it will keep the headaches at bay.

Praying lots of prayers for you here. I would love to see baby girl stay put for another five weeks at least!

Love you!