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Monday, August 30, 2010

I did it!

28 weeks. Today. The big 2-8. I'm pretty excited about it. Never been this far, never been this big and never been so ready to get back to my family! I'll find out tomorrow if I get to go home. So far everything is stable it will just depend on my ultrasound, and hoping my Doc does rounds in the am! The funny thing about still being pregnant (and I know I wont get any sympathy from anyone, nor do I expect it)... if you think about it, this is full-term for me. So now I'm supposed to go home and keep baking for another 4-6 weeks at least. Now I don't need any reminders on why it's important, trust me I know, but mentally its a bit hard for me to get around. I knew my surgery would help me, I had a good feeling I'd have a viable baby and one I can take home, but man.. thinking about being pregnant for another month is tough! I feel like I'm at 40 weeks and I now have to try to have the gestation of an elephant.

All my pregnant life I'll I've known is surprise, NICU, traveling to see my baby, a bit of stress, tears, I know way to much about preemies, but the plus side is being well rested when baby gets home. Now I'm in no mans land...so to speak. It's still a bit of a waiting game, and hoping I can make it a bit farther. My next goal is 30.5 weeks (Mike is out of town when I hit 30 weeks so I have to shoot for that Friday), and I don't want to deliver during ALABAMA FOOTBALL(!!!!!), then 32 weeks and so on. I'm still hoping for a VBAC delivery, but that just depends on who is on call. I guess in some respects, all my pregnancies are up in the air, it just now, I feel like I'm in more foreign territory. I could concievably have a normal delivery, with a baby to bring home and I never really thought that would happen for me. I'm excited about it, but... well we all know dealing with change isn't exactly my strong suit!

I also want to thank everyone for their comments on FB, this blog, their encouragment, prayers and service to my family. We have been truly blessed to be remembered by everyone during this time and I wish there were words to adequately express my appreiaction and love for you all! HOpefully...tomorrows post will be full of excitment and good news!!


Mandy Coffey said...

don't take this the wrong way but I hope you bring that healthy baby home so you know what it's like to be up ALLLLLL day and ALLLLLL night! muwahahahahahaha! ;) We're all thrilled you have made it this far! Here's to happy thoughts and lots of prayers you get to go home tomorrow (where you WILL stay off your feet! that's an order!)

Crystal said...

You're really just trying to get out of our game night, aren't you? (joking!) I hope your doc swings by early with great news.

Bethany said...

Here's to at least two more weeks, well 2.5!

Cheyenne said...

I'm so glad you made it to 28 weeks! Maybe you'll actually get super fat with this pregnancy so I don't feel so bad for getting fat with all of mine.

Oh, and you'll have a healthy baby...totally...

Emily said...

I felt more big and pregnant with Brett. He was the one I had issues with and went into preterm labor. He dropped so letting him get bigger...sitting right down there was hard. I will be thinking of you!