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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Moved again...

So they just moved my room again. My AC is leaking into the room below so they are fixing it tomorrow so hopefully I'll be back in my room tomorrow since I didn't move my decorations/stuff. I just brought my electronics/toiletries/clothes for the day. So we'll see. My room I'm in now, seems so stark and stale so hopefully...hopefully I'll get back to my room with personality tomorrow.
I did have some fun visitors today. Lacey and Crystal came, followed by Mike and Isabel then Mike's Grandma and Grandpa came for a bit. It was a great day! Thanks everyone!!

When Isabel left she was in tears, she misses Brooklyn and is scared that this baby won't get to come home either. It's so hard for a 4 year old to process everything. So we talked about her fears for a minute and talked about her praying to Heavenly Father to ask for some comfort. Mike and I have good feelings about this baby and trying to convey it to Isabel. Hopefully she's like me and after a really good night sleep she'll be able to process better. We're going to have to talk her thru this one.


Mandy Coffey said...

i got chills and my heart broke when i read this about izzy. it IS so hard to process a situation like this with a 4 yr old. Poor kid. I know i don't know you guys that well, but i have good feelings about this baby too!

tracyp said...

Thank you Mandy!