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Monday, August 16, 2010

One heck of a day!

So this morning started out just like most any day, then I find out my Dad was taking Mike to the ER. He felt like his gallbladder was bothering him again. Not really sure what the MD's thought..they finally got a needle in and he had an IV then released him a few hours later. They have no idea why he was in pain but the best part was they gave him literature for heart attacks but told him he didn't have any problems with his heart. I just love ER Docs. Then he came up to my room as was pretty miserable, then started a fever. My nurse was getting worried about him being here and sick while I'm here...the last thing I need is to have an infection while I'm finally doing well. So he's at home, hoping to go to his classes this week, Isabel is at a friends and may be spending the night. It's been too crazy! So hopefully, he'll be feeling better tomorrow. Our GP is going to redo some blood tests and ultrasound is gallbladder soon. Hopefully, we'll get some good news!

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Crystal and Billy said...

You guys are on quite the ride. Hang in there!