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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Great weekends

This has been a great weekend. My Dad has been in town, playing with Isabel, Mike and the two of them stopped by last night and again today after church. Mike even brought real dishes and dinner to me! I did go and play a bunch of games on the wii again and play super mario bros. I dabbled a bit in some scrapbooking and one day I'll remember to bring the tape to start hanging up some decor. Did I mention the fresh blueberries?! I have been feeling pretty good this weekend. I get sore from sitting up a bit much so I'm learning better what my limits are. Oh and my friend and I did make some cute flowers for our girls' hair. I just need Mike to bring the cord to download pictures so y'all can finally have something more fun to look at then just my ramblings.
I'm ready for this next week... Tuesday is 26 weeks!


Caroline said...

YAY for fun stuff to do and YAY for almost 26 weeks. Love the updates....keep them coming!

Crystal and Billy said...

Congrats on making 26 weeks!

Mandy Coffey said...

happy 26 weeks today!