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Thursday, August 12, 2010

busy, busy, busy

I know.. how can I be so busy when I'm confined to a bed... well lets see.. after spending the morning watching Color Splash reruns on Hulu.. and getting awesome ideas for the babies room here is the rundown of my day...
Mike came during the day for 3.5-4hrs, while he was here Layna stopped by, she left and a NICU Parents volunteer stopped by, Mike left, then Chrissy left. Bro and Sis in law stopped by, while they were here Becca come by for craft time, Bro and Sis in law left, then during craft time father in law came by. FIL left and Becca and I worked on crafts, then Meg came by and Becca left. WHEW! I was a great day and I have so many great ideas for fun easy crafts, some for me (and Becca), some for the NICU Parents group, and some for the moms with me on antepartum. I'm actually not to tired after all this excitement and an so grateful for everyone who came to visit!

Still had a great day, physically wise...and found out I am going to be interviewed for an article that goes out to all the bed rest moms. They want pics with Mike and Isabel too! How fun!

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lesliem said...

Wow. We are leading such different lives right now, it kind cracks me up! I definitely look forward to chicken pics.