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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Doctor update!!!

I just saw my Doctor! He is so excited that I'm still pregnant and doing really well. He agrees that even though he 'could' send me home he wont before 28 weeks. I am not comfortable going home before them because I know I won't stay down like I need to. There is a small chance I could go home but if my cervix shortens by a half a centimeter, then I won't be going anywhere. He's getting more confident I'll get to 30 weeks and definitely to 28. He was saying as he left..we'll have a 34 week delivery. Now we all know that he's getting super almost crazy optimisic but it's all good. I had been taken off monitoring unless I felt like I needed it but I think he's going to put me back on. Which is fine, it's only 1 hour 2x a day plus extra if I feel like I'm contracting. All in all he says things look good and knows that if we hadn't done the revision of my surgery... I'd have another baby now.

The hard part is Isabel missing us when she goes to bed. Mike has spent the night here twice and where Isabel can play and play all day she really misses me/us at night and nap times. We might do a family slumber party on Friday night. Layna is bringing her to me any second now and we're going to call A. Leslie in Tanzania!

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Caroline said...

Great news! Keep it up!