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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Anniversary Weekend

Yesterday was our 6th Anniversary. I just realized we should have taken a picture and we didn't.... Oh well. Mike was at home and cleaned most of the morning then he and Isabel has a fun daddy daughter date to Costco. Isabel paid for her own yogurt with pennies and they brought me dinner. Our awesome meal was Costco combo pizza and these awesome huge chocolate chip cookies from McAlisters. It was so much fun to just sit and eat with them. Usually I've already ordered dinner and eaten by the time they get here so it was nice.
We had a couple of friends stop by for a bit and then Mike's dad, Eric, came by and visited for a while too. Poor Isabel was so tired by the time they left!

Today has been a good day. I tried to keep myself busy in the morning with activities that would remind me of Church, I think I did pretty good! Mike brought me down some clothes, toiletries, scriptures etc. Just stuff I didn't have so it was nice to receive it. Oh I had a couple of other people come down too.... and they brought me Hommus (I'm still so in love with this stuff) and a big, big bag of M&M's. So needless to say we mixed the M&Ms with the ice-cream they keep up here on this floor and we had 'blizzards'. YUMMY!

If anyone in the area wants to come visit please feel free... may not be too exciting but I have a variety of 'chick flicks' at my disposal and a somewhat comfy recliner in the room.

Doc Moore came in today to check on me. The residents keep asking me when I hear that I'll be going home. Apparently they haven't talked to Doc! I reassured her that I have no illusions of going home before baby is born. I asked her for a ball park of how long they thing I'll make it before I deliver, she said lets just make it thru the next 1.5 weeks. I forget that they just take it in 2 week increments to make it more manageable to think about. When I get to 26 weeks then we can look at getting to 28. I should finally see my main Doc tomorrow and I'm excited to ask him a bunch of questions and find out when my ultrasounds and monitoring start up again.

So that's my news for today. I'm going to try and actually go to bed tonight at a decent hour. Hope all is well for everyone and anyone who reads this! Looking forward to having some books read this week!


Jeni said...

I wish I were closer. I would love to sit around and watch chick flicks and eat blizzards with you. :)

Crystal and Billy said...

Lacey had a great idea to do a game night over there. If you're up for it, we can synch our schedules.

Chez Nous said...

I too wish I were closer. I'll send you a list of good books to read...or at least ones I enjoyed. Also, if you have no takers on your binding, I'll do it. Granted you'll have to send me your fabric or if it's a solid color just let me know and I can get on it. I'll be more than glad to do that for you.

Emily said...

I read your blog and think of you often. I love hearing that you've made it a little longer each time. You're great!

Melissa said...

Man if I were closer we'd get together and have a girls night! I'd even paint your toe nails if you wanted me too. I hope you're hanging in there!

Sheryl said...

Hey girl,

I'm just now getting back into town and checking your blog...wow! You've been through a lot these last few weeks. I'm so glad the surgery went well and congrats on the girl news! Any names yet? Great that you're infection free and I'm sorry I can't come visit you in the hospital:( I'll be praying for you and this baby girl!! Hang in there, and tell her to STAY IN THERE!!

Love ya,


Mandy Coffey said...

what hospital are you at?