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Monday, August 9, 2010

Almost there!

Today is officially my last day as a 24 week pregnant lady. Just one nice long nap and I'll hit 25! Funny thing is, when I type that... makes me realize that 25 isn't the high number I was trying to make it too. I know that sounds odd... I am so happy to make it this far, it just seems like I've been in the hospital forever already and I should be at 26 week or so. Oh well. I should FINALLY see my OB tomorrow. I thought he'd be on today but it was the only other Doc in his practice I hadn't met. Normally not a problem but since I don't have normal pregnancies and lets face it, I have dealt with this many more times then the average person, add that to the fact that they only glance at my chart.... not a happy patient. I called Doc's office and they said he should be on tomorrow so I wrote down all my questions so I could finally remember to ask him everything.

My cute husband and daughter came to see me tonight. I didn't realize how much I miss just being held and cuddled by my husband. And Mike may not like me to admit it... Mike misses cuddling too! So we're going to see if we can have someone take Isabel overnight this weekend (Can everyone say... "PLEASE GRANDMA?") so he can spend the night with me.
I just realized my dad comes into town this weekend but I have no idea when he comes in...that might solve a problem for us...

I had an awesome moment today. After I was able to shower and get dressed I noticed... my bum, face and stomach have tripled in size. Not bad for a weeks worth of bed rest. I think starting today my body realizes that it doesn't need the calorie intake since I only burn about 10 calories a day now. Couple that with my crazy water intake today.... I may have gained 10lbs. I even wouldn't mind so much, yes I had lost 30lbs last year, I was looking good, but the part that gets me the most is my face... my face now looks like it did last year at this time when I weighted 15lbs more (more then pre-pregnancy weight). That's the disconcerting part. so if I could just get salads to sound yummy... I'd be ok!

Enough of my rants on weight. I read the Princess Academy today. Not at all what I expected but I really enjoyed it. Mike will be bringing me my other stash of 8 books a friend let me borrow.

Happy Tuesday everyone!


Annette Larsen said...

Yay for 25 weeks! And yay for embarking on the 26th week. Woohoo. Good luck with the boredom, the question asking, the getting someone to keep Isabelle and most especially with keeping that baby in! Thinking of you.

Mandy Coffey said...

Deborah, Kristi & I are coming to see you Wednesday. If there is anything we can bring you let me know!

Caroline said...

Thank you so much for keeping us updated! Thinking of you! Keep up the posititive attitude!