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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day 8

Today was a fun day. Nothing major but one crazy, energetic nurse! I had some flowers brought to me that my sister sent from Africa, with a balloon shaped like a chicken head....the card read, "this in no way encourages the consumption of chick-fil-a" and it's in a mug with a chicken that says.."eat veggie soup". Loved it! All of the nurses were laughing at it.

Some lovely ladies from my church came, they brought me chocolate covered pretzels that were yummy! But more importantly we had a great visit and Mandy brought her baby Jolene.. I'm telling you that little girl is one of the CUTEST babies every! I was so wonderful to visit with them all!

Mike and Isabel came next and Isabel brought me some really pretty flowers and as the nurse was cutting the plastic cover off the flowers, she knocked over the make-shift container and spilled water EVERYWHERE! It was hilarious! My cute family stayed for a bit then had to head home. I miss them. I'll see them most all day on Saturday, my dad will be here so they're going to come visit for awhile and we'll have either lunch or dinner together.

I'm so grateful for everyones loves, support, prayers and well wishes. My family has been so supported by everyone and we couldn't do this with out y'all. I just wish there were enough words to adequately describe my feelings. Love everyone!


lesliem said...

Don't you think that a picture of these flowers should be posted? I sure do. Seriously. And I can't stand chick-fillet or whatever it's called, so the card was meant in all seriousness. :) Hope the headphones show up soon so we can chat!

Courtney Barr - The Southern Princess said...

lol! Your sister is hilarious...does she know who I work for??hope not... ;o) Anyway - glad to hear such good things! So so so EXCITED for you! I am thrilled by the many blog posts - with my crazy schedule right now it keeps me in the loop ;o) We love you! I miss you! ;o)

Give Mike & Izzy kisses and lightly rub your belly for me! lol got to give that girl a hug too!

Chez Nous said...

Hang in there girl. You can do this. Love reading all your posts too.