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Thursday, January 1, 2009

We survived!

I looked at Mike this morning at 2am after all of our guests left and threw my hands up and exclaimed "we survived 08!!!"
This past year has been ridiculous for us. We had business end, business start, relationships obliterated, another pregnancy that ended to soon and unfortunately a life that did also, a long road trip with too many blow outs, a daughter who almost drowned twice in one day, and STRESS, STRESS and more STRESS. I can truly say it's been the hardest year of my life but I think I had more growth and more testimony building events then I could have asked for (or wanted!) But it all happens for a reason. We have grown and stretched and yes it's been uncomfortable but what 'workout' isn't. So after all the years in college have passed, my song is still, and maybe always will be I will survive.
Here to another year full of growth, but hopefully not so painful the entire time!


Southern Princess said...

I hate that I made you cry but I am glad you enjoyed my post - it took a great deal out of me to type it and remember a good many of those events - emotional draining! lol.
"I will survive" is a great life-theme-song. You have had an interesting year. '08 has been a whirlwind and I must say every year I am more & more surprised by life in general. I love you girl. Keep being you, keep singing outloud without abandon - "I grew strong....I learned how to carry on"! Roll Tide Roll :)

jennihaywood said...

I loved talking to you yesterday. I even updated my blog....It is a miracle huh? I love you guys and I know that you and Mike have good things coming your way because of the way you live your lives! Love ya!