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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

To Write Their Names in the Sand

I found out about this site from a dear friend of mine. You can send her your infant child's name and she goes to a beach in Australia and writes their names in the sand. I sent in Brooklyn's name on Monday and it's already done. You can click on the blog link to the left and scroll down to the date of Jan 12th. She's one of the first ones on that day. I couldn't get the photo to decompress to fit here.

Brooklyn Pulley

Born at 24 weeks on August 24, 2008
Passed September 4, 2008

Our sunshine, our joy and now our angel.

Tracy, Mike and Isabel Pulley


Annette Larsen said...

That is one of the sweetest things I've ever seen. What a lovely thing for this woman to be doing.

Lots of Love to you, Tracey and Mike and Isabelle

Amy said...

I love the idea of the letter that she presented. Obviously, I've never been in that situation but I wonder if that list might help - just to be able to check things off and not have to think too much about the details. A couple of months ago, I ran across a website that had a host of photographers across the country that were willing to go to hospitals and take photos of children (babies or older) so that parents weren't left with a single polaroid. I'll try to find it again if you are interested in sharing it with the NICU up there.

Thanaglim said...

So sweet.

Rachael M. said...

email me at rachaelmuldrow@gmail.com; I made it web-sized for you.

. said...

Tracey, that is beautiful. What a neat way to remember your little angel. I think of you often!


E said...

My family could do that for you anytime! :-)

Felton Family Update... said...

Tracy - i hope all is going well. I know how hard it can get and how slow time can pass. good to see you are staying busy and in touch with Izzy, its makes all the difference. BTW the blog looks great.