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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday, Sunday

We had an amazing Sunday today. There is a missionary leaving from our ward this week so he and his mom spoke. Now I have always looked up to this amazing lady, she was an advisor with me in YW and is now the Pres, so thankfully I've had occasion to get to know her better and she is wonderful. There talks were so poignant and right on track, if a little harsh which is how I love them! The missionary's talk was great also, he's going to do great out in California.
Our Sunday school teacher is just so in tune with the Spirit and I am grateful for all the work and preparation he puts into his lessons.
YW, well it almost made me cry. After lunch, a fabulous nap and Isabel crawling all over me I went to a stake meeting for YW/YM Duty to God and Personal Progress. I am very excited for my new calling. Oh and I was set apart today in blessing that gives me such hope and such potential.
Mike and I ended the night playing 7 games of Skip-Bo. Next week we have friends coming over for waffle/pancake dinner. I can't wait.
I hope all of you had a wonderful Sabboth day this week and you were energized and renewed for this upcoming week.
Love ya!

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Amy said...

Is it just me or is like every outgoing missionary from this area going to Cali? They must need a lot of help out on the west coast - and we have just the people for the job!