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Monday, January 19, 2009


So I have gotten used to it all. I understand and agree that this is an historic event, but my thought is.. if we have successful blacks (sorry need to be PC... african Americans.. ) in every aspect of our lives. Black business owner, black senators, black judges, black millionaires, why are we all acting like this could have never really happened and are going crazy over it. I agree it's a big thing, but I'd like to think its all a bit sensationalistic. Martin Luther King Jr did amazing things, no one can doubt that, but he did them so that a way could be paved, we are acting like this is the first successful black american. Why can't it just be about people voting for him because they liked what he said, not the color of his skin when he said it. It seems like in an effort to erase racism, it is just keeping it at the forefront. It really should just be about how we won't have to worry anymore about paying for gas and our mortgages. (fyi that is more of a dig on the silly lady that made that comment then it is against Obama).


Thanaglim said...

I agree! except he's not of polynesian decent.

lesliem said...

The point of all the hub-bub probably can not be comprehended by those of us who could take middle-class lifestyle for granted and who grew up in a country club with no blacks (though I think one family eventually moved in). We've never had people distrust us because of skin color, or at least if they have, it's never hurt us because 'we' hold the majority of power. Of course there are successful blacks, but now one is the most powerful person in the world. Think of what that means! For a people who come from such a history of violence, repression and hatred towards them this is a big deal that we crackers cannot fully comprehend. The media hypes it, but most of them don't really understand either. Don't listen to them for actual opinions. I'd feel pretty pumped if there was a woman prez, too. I'd be like "^%&% the patriarchy!" Racism (and sexism) is certainly not dead and despite what some say, Obama as prez will not end it. I think in the US we forget the importance of history in culture. No other country forgets history like we do, but that is also part of our culture, well white culture at least. This means a lot to people black, white and brown, even if it doesn't mean as much to others. Don't deny them a moment.

(Polynesian descent? Whose blog was he reading?)

tracyp said...

For those who didn't get Kim's comment I was typing away and accidently put that Obama was of Polynesian decent, not a clear thought, really is just that yes he's half black but he's also half white. So thanks to Kim for pointing out my mistake, so I changed it before anyone else hopefully noticed.

Aubrey & Cheyenne Martin said...

I think a lot of people feel the same way, even Obama, to an extent. He tried to keep the election race-free...and did you notice the lack of MLK refrences at his inauguaration (sp?) speech, just a courtyard away from MLK's "I Have a Dream" speech? Of course, when you see pictures of the older generation of blacks who were there for Bloody Sunday and the Montgomery bus boycott, then you see in them the magnitude of it all.