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Friday, January 16, 2009

Not a lot to say

I'm sitting here feeling like I need to write but not much exciting has been going on. Izzy went to a birthday party, we made cookies, we've been a little confined inside with this freezing cold -15 with windchill weather. I did get an email from Rachael, she was able to save the picture of Brooklyn's name in the sand for me and sent that, I am so grateful for her doing it for me. I'm still a bit clueless on how to get my girls at church excited about personal progress, but I"m working on it. Mike is finishing painting his office today and he's picking up a desk on Saturday so he'll be out of the house soon for work... YEA!
I did have an exciting trip to the store yesterday, they were having a sale on cereal and I am trying to get better about using coupons so I ended up with 5 boxes of cereal for 6 dollars. It would have been 5 but one of my coupons didn't scan. I was very excited! I just have to find coupons for other items I use. Our discount grocery store is pretty good here but they don't take coupons so it's hard to find better deals elsewhere.

I did learn that I'm teaching Isabel something. When I put her to bed she says one of two things. option 1.. scriptures momma read scriptures. and option 2. and it came to pass. (for non-mormon readers... it's a saying that occurs all the time in the Book of Mormon)
I guess I'm getting something across to her. Oh and she's started praying a bit. We still have to tell her what to say but she enjoys the act of praying and is getting better at it.
And the last piece of useless info that I'm excited about. A friend of mine is in Cosmetology school and needs a model to practice foiling on. So for $5 on Tuesday I'm getting my hair done! I'm so totally excited. I've needed it done for 4 months now and I just hadn't put it in the budget so now It's not such a worry. It' s on my weekly Temple day so we are going either super early in the morning or on Thursday. I'll post a pic after it gets done next week!


lesliem said...

My favorite part of this post is the excitement over cheap cereal. Maybe I should post about the Quorn (vegetarian, non-say meat stuff) I found on sale so I bought a bunch. Oh and my favorite instant oatmeal is on sale right now, too! I've bought some of that.

We lead such exciting lives.

Oh, and who cares if my dress doesn't have a petticoat? It's my silly wedding. Careful or I will make you wear some horrific bridesmaid dress.

Southern Princess said...

lol! I am with Leslie. I can actually 'hear' your excitement about the cereal. Oh & by the way 5 boxes??? seriously. :)That is a great many boxes of cereal for a family of 3. :)
As for Isabel - I love that she saya "and it came to pass" it is all over the Book of Mormon. Also - how adorable for such a cutie to say such a definitive phrase. Soon she will say: "And it came to pass... my mother bought 15 boxes of cereal for 1.00. She hath found the miracle grains!!" (sorry - couldn't resist)
TO LESLIE: I love that word - petticoat. lolololol.
Boy do I need to head home from work - I am getting a little silly today.

Aubrey & Cheyenne Martin said...

Donna bought like 12 boxes of bisquick for 9 cents each, or something like that (I'm sure my facts are wrong and it will turn into 20 boxes for 5 cents...)That stuff never happens to me. Oh, I did by four containers of lemonade...with a bonus quart...for five bucks. Close, but not nearly as good.