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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Why I love being a mom

There are lots of reasons why I love what I do. But one of my favorites is when she is sick, (she threw up last night in the kitchen right before dinner in front of our guests). Immediately after getting sick she started apologizing for the mess. Then today, the fever really hit and she just wanted to snuggle. While I hate that my baby is sick, she's so cute! She wakes up from her naps and wants me, wants to sit with me on the couch and just reminds me of how stinkin sweet she is. So while I may not enjoy cleaning up the messes, I do enjoy the special time we get to have together.

Here is a picture from a birthday party we went to last week. Izzy really wanted to play with this toy.


Ashley said...

I'm glad you're getting some snuggle time in. I needed this post. Thanks!

Jeni said...

I know...isn't it the best? Ethan has a prayer rock, and this morning when he got out of bed and stepped on it, he said, "Mom, I need to say my morning prayer. Kneel down with me." So I did and he starts praying like a grown up and says, "And Heavenly Father, thank you that my mommy can stay with me all the time." And then the tears came and he couldn't figure out why I was crying. For whatever we have had to sacrifice, and for whatever law school debt we will have to pay back, I wouldn't give these years back with him for anything!!

Katy said...

It happened once in my house, too. The missionaries were over for dinner and literally as soon as we said, "Amen" on the blessing, Sam barfed all over himself. Those brave guys still ate their dinner. I hope she feels better soon!