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Monday, January 5, 2009

I asked for it

Let me first say that I love being a mom. Then let me follow it up by saying not so much lately. My daughter is giving payback for what she wasn't even around to see started. Ok, so let me start at the beginning. I was a very 'independent' child, some might say I was talkative, I prefer loquacious. My family had these cute nicknames for me, motormouth and transmission. I enjoyed conversations, especially when I was the one talking, and ALL eyes were focused on me. I was a great child. That's it. OH, well except for one sticky lil' point of me and my temper tantrums. I was amazing, I could have all eyes focused on my mom making people think she was an awful parent, store managers would approach her and ask her to come back later when I wasn't with her. Apparently I had a knack for disrupting shoppers, I guess that's a problem.

Why all this background? Well, my cute lil' 'angelic' daughter, she doesn't have an off switch. She comes out all happy from her naps saying "momma I awake!" I get excited and then the fake whining, the defiance of orders (really I do ask politely), the begging for nothing but snacks that she knows I won't give her if she didn't eat her food. However despite my best efforts to keep her from eating the junk, she has learned to bring her stool from wherever it is in the house into the pantry and reaches for the animal crackers (really why do they not just call them the cookies, we all now that's pretty much what they are?) or her fruit snacks and will eat them in hiding. Today was a particularly frustrating day, well really I was tired it's the third day in a row, she gets told no do not do it and she looks at me as if she doesn't here me, and does it. This is usually followed by more fake whining and my new favorite 'I want my daddy" (this cry is reversed if Mike is disciplining her). So I guess It's safe to say that the child I have created who can unlock doors, wake up in 30 minute intervals starting at 5:30 am like clockwork, fake tantrums, selective listening, and extreme hyper-activeness.. oh yea and she DOESN"T STOP TALKING!

I would like to take this time to give a shout out to my husband for taking my daughter away from me so I could breathe and relax. Now I might be ok with being a mom again tomorrow.

Thankfully my mom doesn't read this, she may not ever stop laughing... of course my sister won't be any better.


E said...

Yep! My mum ALWAYS said that I will have children worse then me. Maybe I won't procreate!

lesliem said...

Well, since you pre-empted any snarky comment I could make I am left without one. Maybe I can express sympathy. Sorry Tracy, but I have no child of my own to base that on. I can say if Isabel is anything like you (though I don't think she will come close) you haven't seen nothin' yet.
Best of luck!
(see that wasn't so bad)

Aubrey & Cheyenne Martin said...

Well, take consolation in the fact that she's not eating cat food in hiding. Olivia has just started throwing tantrums, though her fake whining has been around since she learned to pull faces. I hope you're able to laugh at this post soon, along with the rest of us devoted Tracy fans!!

Amy said...

Our lives are so in sinc it's just creepy. My day could not have been more similar. And, like a wave of relief when I thought I could take no more, my husband swooped in to give me a much needed break. That must be why we have families. Here's hoping today's better.

Curt and Jennifer said...

Mady is the same way! I understand, come over anytime you just need a break we can have the kids play in Madys room, while we relax downstairs.

Katy said...

I'm sooo there. I remember all too well wondering whether or not I would have kids in this life, so I'm extremely grateful for them; but I have days like that, too. Adam is a wonderful baby, but he is really fussy and what I like to call 'high maintenance'. And like you, my husband is really good at knowing when I'm about to crack and just letting me go to the store by myself or something.

jennihaywood said...

This is about the cutest picture I have ever seen. Only she could pull off a tie and make it look adorable.!

Susan said...

Well Tracy, Mom may not read this, or Gma either, but your Aunt Susan is getting a big chuckle out of it! I do remember the days!
Love you much, A Susan