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Monday, October 25, 2010

Showers and waiting

Saturday we had a friend throw us a baby shower.. a bama baby shower. I have a picture of Isabel sitting in the living room with my AWESOME Bama balloons, I LOVE THEM!!!! (thank you Crystal!). The shower was at Buffalo Wild Wings and we just had a great time sitting around talking and eating. It was a couples shower so it was nice to have the husbands there... the ones that could come.

I hung upside down on the inversion table and almost threw up. Apparently I should have known better then to use it the 1st time and go straight up and down. My dad kindly reminded me that I could stroke out so we're taking it a bit less then vertical from now on!
We're getting really excited for this week. Tomorrow is the big day... 36 weeks!!! The stitch is coming out... and the lunges, squats and attempted sprints are coming. I even had a dream last night I was jogging thru the halls of the hospital in my underwear trying to get baby to want to come out. She may not still arrive until next week.. or later but I'm still hoping by Wednesday. Just my luck she'll be more stubborn.... but I can still hope. I can't wait to be able to actually get off the couch without help or my basketball getting in my way!

And tonight for family home evening... painting my pumpkin belly.

We'll keep everyone posted... Oh and for those who are really concered (Cheyenne).... my 1 st stretch marks came in.... and they are not even on my stomach! Thankfully I think my swim suit will hide them.


Crystal and Billy said...

Are you posting pictures of your pumpkin belly?

Emily said...

The only stretch marks I have are on my hips! You look great!

nowellmama said...

Blessed belly, lucky girl. Be careful you made it this far. She is almost here. Have I missed a name post or are you keeping it a surprise? Belly painting is so fun, you need to draw or write see ya tomorrow doc, when you go to your appointment. As long as washable since you might end up in delivery soon after, like me. Good luck!

socks100 said...

Haha! It sucks when you go further than 36 weeks b/c the stretch marks come and well, sprinting isn't going to help. Trust me I'd go for 5 miles walk in the dead heat of summer with baby A and well....they finally induced me. I'm telling you girl this baby is going to have you go all the way:)

Chez Nous said...

Just scrolled down to this post...What are you complaining about? You don't have much of a belly there! Cute.

Eric said...

Nice bumpkin picture!