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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

35 Weeks!!!

I just realized at 2:45 this afternoon (that would be when I clicked on my blog) that I'm at 35 weeks! I have monitoring tomorrow, a Dr. appt on Thursday then my hopefully last Dr visit on Tuesday when they pull out my stitching!!! I do have this fear that because the US tech messed up my due date that Doc will want to make me wait one more week. I even dreamed about it the other day. Mike took a pic of me looking all pregnant but I haven't gotten it off his phone yet. I might even be on his FB. So that's all for how. Just waiting.. I did start all the laundry for baby stuff and grabbed a few things for baby at the hospital. If she doesn't come until Halloween... I have Isabel's old pumpkin costume to bring her home in!


Natalie said...

yay! so exciting! i gotta admit, it feels like its been longer just because i kept thinking she could have this baby any time (i don't really understand all the stuff you go through). good luck!

Bullock said...

Yea!!! I'm so glad! I remember being so excited to make it to 38 weeks with Ellie, and her being 6 lbs. seemed so huge after my two 3 lb. babies! Do you have names yet?