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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I'm FREE!!!

Well at least from bed rest. Cerclage came out yesterday with surprisingly less pain then I thought. It was over pretty quickly. Because baby is still breech and the two previous c-sections... Doc says I have only a 40% chance of a VBAC. Sad day. He also is apparently a fan of the episiotomy, not happy about that so we'll work on that. He won't turn baby either, well not while in labor, he might try while I'm in the office next week but we'll see.

I tried doing the lunges and squats I told everyone I'd do. It was truly pathetic. I got 3 lunges in on each leg and my muscles about gave out on me. Then I tried running in the hall way but all I succeeded in doing was making Mike laugh at me. So I am now up for suggestions.. I know I still have about 4 weeks left, but I really, really want to meet my girl. Plus I have a feeling that it might be a few weeks before I go into labor. Yes I'm learning how the other half lives. Oh and I have my first stretch marks which means if I have to go longer.... my cute stomach will be cute not longer. I remember going down for a wedding in Alabama a few years ago.. I think it was Doug and Sarah's.... all my old roommates were commenting on my nice flat stomach after I had Isabel (granted when you're only pregnant for 6 months...) now I'm going to have to work much harder to get it back. I know, no one feels sorry for me.

So the super happy note... I'm off bed rest!!! So I am running around doing whatever I can now. I don't know if I'm hitting "nesting mode" or just excited to be up but I have been cooking/baking the last couple days and will do more today (oh the cinnamon rolls last night were AMAZING), starting sewing projects, getting excited to go to JoAnns for fabric to do more projects.

Oh to be free!!!


socks100 said...

So happy that you are off bed-rest and enjoying baking....I just need you to come over here and bake up some goodness for me!

Crystal and Billy said...

Sweet! Congrats, Tracy. Hopefully the next 4 weeks (or however long it takes) goes by really quickly for you. We shall see.

Emily said...

I am so happy for you! Don't worry your muscle tone will come back. Also, you can have a flat tummy again! And Red Rasberry leaf tea is suppose to help labor come on and keep you from bleeding as much during and after! It worked for me and I loved it, and I'm not a big tea drinker~

Chez Nous said...

Yeah! Hurrah! Now you can know what being fat and miserable is like...you might even get hemorrhoids. I'm working on the boppy covers, so hold her in until she can turn and I can get these finished and mailed to you. I truly am excited for you.

tracyp said...

Thanks everyone! I really appreciate all you support. Emily thanks for all the great ideas and suggestions.. Red Raspberry tea will be picked up hopefully tomorrow, I actually used to have some but used it all up a year or so ago and never replaced it. Sara, I'll do my best to keep her in.. but man the whole stretching of the skin and itchy under the bra... it does get a teeny tinny bit annoying but it's all for a great reason.

Rachael M. said...

Doing those squats will help get you ready for a VBAC if it works that way, so keep on keep on keep on!!!

They will also help alleviate the necessity for episiotomy since doing them stretches all that skin down there. :-)

Baby will turn when she's ready. Obviously, you could go into labor before then, but try not to worry too much about it. Make your pelvis as wide as possible to give her room to flip!

Good luck!