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Saturday, October 9, 2010

My 33 week visit

I went to see my Doctor on Thursday. I mentioned to him about missing my friends memorial service and about started crying right there on the stirrup table. He was very compassionate but let me know that he would not have cleared me to go, that and Mike was not going to drive me because he wasn't comfortable either. So I guess a family visit is in order this May.

On to happy news that doesn't make me cry. Doc was so excited to see me at 33 weeks. I don't think he really thought I'd make it this far. So here are my cool changes coming up.....
34 weeks... bed rest is modified and I can get up for 2 hrs in the morning and 2 hrs in the evening (which means I can legitimately go to the Primary program for church next week, it's Isabel's first one)

also at 34 weeks.... I'm off my meds!!! Finally no more pumping my body full of drugs (although I owe it to those drugs to mention they have helped keep baby inside me)

36 weeks... CERCLAGE COMES OUT!!! I can't wait for this! He said about 25% of people go into labor within the next 3 hours after the procedure, and about 50% within the next 3 days! So this lil girl might must make her debut before Halloween.

Oh AND my mom is being 'forced' to take vacation because she has so much accumulated that she is going to be able to come down!!! So she's planning on being here the end of the 1st week in November which is 37 weeks. We figured that was safe just in case I didn't go in to labor right away.

So exciting to think that in 3 weeks I might finally get to see this baby. Once I get the go ahead, I'm going to start washing all of babies clothes and such to get ready. Now to make it perfect I just need to be able to deliver and avoid a C-section.



Emily said...

Tracy, I am so happy for you! I remember the same things you are talking about. I didn't have the cervical stitch, but all the other stuff was the same for me and I know the feeling of relief and excitement! Congratulations!

Tara L. said...

Great news Tracy!!!!

Cheyenne said...

I always think you're farther along than you are. Someone asked me last week how far you were and I was all, "Oh, she's like 35 weeks. She could TOTALLY have this baby..." What a moron. But go you!