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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

34 Weeks!

So 34 weeks came this week. I'm getting pretty excited. I went in today for my ultrasound, she weighs approx 4lbs 10oz and apparently has a bunch of hair, well at least more then the last few babies the US tech had seen, she's still breech. I started monitoring this week also. If you've never been on monitoring before, it's kind of fun... they hooked me up to the machine that I'm used to being on and gave me what looked like a morphine pump and I had to push the button every time I felt little girl move. There wasn't a ton of movement at first then she started doing a congo line and I felt like my finger was twitching.

Because I saw Doc today I can miss my appointment tomorrow and see him next week. I"ll head in, and finally get to ask a few questions about the labor process hoping for that VBAC. I need to figure out how to turn her around so I can deliver her. Then on the 26th of October at 2 pm my cerclage comes out! Doc said I have to stay around the hospital for about an hour or so in case I head into labor. So basically if her can pull it out... I"ll be doing squats, lunges and what not all the way to the elevator and then I'll be doing wind sprints up and down the halls. I really hope she comes out with in the week of my stitch coming out. Apparently I have a 50% chance of delivering within 3 days. So everyone should keep their fingers crossed. Mike and I finally got a picture taken.. Of me at 34 weeks. I need to get it off his phone but man I feel huge!

So that's it... we're about done with this crazy weekly blog update. :)

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Al, Jenny, Avery and James said...

Ha ha ha! I bet you are ready to be done! I am so glad things are going well and that baby girl is getting so big! I love reading the weekly updates...keep them up!