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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Saturday's news

This picture was taken by the public relations lady at the hospital, she's doing an article for the mom's on bed rest and interviewed me.


I'm so excited that football season has started! Granted the first game is in PPV so I'll be taking my info from my phone, but nonetheless, I'm so happy to have some family time festivities taking place every Saturday. The weather has been beautiful the last few days, last night Mike took my pillow and a big towel out to the front lawn for me so I could lay there and still be part of the fun with sidewalk chalk. All of our neighbors were out and I finally was able to see them. It was so nice to be out in fresh air, with the breeze, even the mosquito bites were tolerable because I was enjoying myself so much. We may do the same thing this afternoon.

I go back to see my Doc on Tuesday. Hopefully he'll be running close to on time. He's usually an hour or so late, but now I know it's because he's usually on call Tuesdays so he's been down in L&D taking care of those patients. I'll get to ask him about wheelchair rides and specifics on my bed rest. Y'all know me and if I don't have specifics... well I find grey areas without really meaning too. Wednesday are my ultrasounds. We're still back to every week, two appointment, and I can't drive to either. At least the US won't take long. I'm usually in and out in 15 min.

My week has gone by pretty slowly, I'm hoping it picks up soon. My first week or two at the hospital was the same way so it could just be the change of scenery. I am much more relaxed and having much more fun at home. I have to say I have either taken 2 hr naps every day or (like last night) slept for 9 hrs.

My cousin Chelsea brought over a ton of DVD's last night of TV show seasons. I can get caught up on my DR smut with Grey's Anatomy, get addicted to Bones, which I've never watched and Arrested Development. On top of reading and finishing my cross-stitch. I'm so grateful that I have so much to do..even if I'm not really doing it yet.


Courtney Barr - The Southern Princess said...

so so glad to hear you are more relaxed and at home! I feel so disconnected right now from so many things & you should not be one of them!!! I need to check in more...thank you for posting so consistently ;o) it helps my nerves when I think of you. lol I am uber excited for football as well and ready for fall weather down here to begin. The pic is gorgeous! You look beautiful and Mike & Izzy are just as wonderful as always.

So you are sunbathing on the lawn huh? ;o) You need to set up a bell service and have Mike wander out in his bathing suit with a tray and drink for you! The neighbors would love it! (though others reading this might think I am insane).

I am so proud of you by the way...I have told you many times before that your strength is not only a blessing and gift but something to be proud of...again you show such amazing courage and strength through trying times. Your spirit is so bright! I am always thankful that I have you as a friend and wonder why I am so lucky. We love you and miss you! We will be screaming Roll Tide tonight and I will think of you...

sorry so random but its still a little early....

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Crystal and Billy said...

Cute family pic! And the weather has been so awesome; I'm glad you could get outside.

Sorry I didn't make it over this week. Work picked up and I ended up being swamped on Thurs & Fri. :(

Rachael M. said...

Oh, Bones is awesome!