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Thursday, September 23, 2010

31 weeks

So for those of you who haven't heard, which would be the couple that haven't seen facebook yet... I have an approx 3lb 7oz baby (in my belly still). Apparently when I posted it on FB some people were not sure if I meant I had delivered or not, so know she's still inside. I had that ultrasound yesterday and all looks great, then I went to the Doc today and he told me that I'm one of his best patients. Not as far as following rules, but in how I'm doing. When he marked my sheet for return I am officially off the high risk and in the moderate risk category! Granted that probably has more to do with me being 31 weeks along but still.
I had to laugh while I was there today, I don't know how most doctors react when they see their handy work, but mine jokingly complements himself on a job well done on my cerclage every week and then today he came in and says..."your blood pressure looks great, your weight looks great, your urine looks great..." How often is that apart of normal conversation. So accoring to him, I have great looking urine and a great looking cervix. Aren't you glad you stopped by my blog today. :)

I also have progressed enough to where I don't need to go to the doctor for awhile. I'm not going to know what to do with myself next week when I have no where to be. I don't go back to the office for 2 weeks then an US at 34 weeks. Once I hit the 34 week mark I do weekly monitoring.

I scheduled the appointment for my return visit and it was so weird, I don't go back until October. OCTOBER! I can honestly say I did not think there was anyway I would still be pregnant in october, but here it is. Doc asked me today if I had any questions or if anything was bothering me... I said "yes...the thought of pushing out a 7-8lb baby, I might have to rethink this vaginal delivery."


lesliem said...

That's awesome, Tracy. I'm so excited for you! And even more for me so that I won't have to worry about you as much from across the world. Seriously, next time. No pregnancies when I am in Africa. It's just not fair.

Crystal and Billy said...

I'm so glad everything is going so well!

Rachael M. said...

Don't be scared! I pushed out a 7.5lb baby and didn't even have drugs, so you can do it!!

Chez Nous said...

Yeah!! Can you believe it?! Now that I'm commenting almost a week late you're almost 32 weeks! Tracy...that's awesome. You're on the home stretch. I'm so excited for you. Nice arm in the above blog...and yes, I know I need to blog badly. What is wrong with me?

Mandy Coffey said...

you do swagbucks, yeah? send me a "referral" i'm going to sign up, that way you get points for me signing up :)