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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Another Sunday

Here I am, another Sunday, at home, by myself. Bored. I have a couple of pictures I'll post below of our last ultrasound. Unfortunately they are not the best but it's what I have. I am trying to be patient with many of you... y'all really should update your blogs. I know, I know, you're busy off living your lives and working/kids/etc, but just think of me here...bored, lonely just waiting for a small glimpse of what goes on outside the walls of my home. No contact (ok, other than FB) with the outside world. Especially those who have recently been to the beach (*ahemcheyenneahem*) or those who regularly blog (*ahemjeniahem*) and those planning on moving (*ahemsaraahem*). And to everyone else.

Ok attempted guilt trip over. :) It's been pretty good here this week. We did go to the playground yesterday, me and my lounger laid and watched Mike and Izzy play. We met some friends up there and I got to see Kourtney and her boys. She's another one of the 10 ladies that have been pregnant in my ward since summer. Then came home to watch Alabama, or a team that once resembled Alabama play football. I was honestly worried but thankfully we pulled it out, somehow, but that's what makes a team champions. Somehow winning when odds are against you, pulling together to make it work. Now on to FL, I'll see my Doc a few days after the FL game, might have to find some Alabama stuff to wear if we pull that one off too....

Ok so here are some pics. One good one of her arm and a bit fuzzy one of her face. Enjoy!


Jeni said...

I finally updated my cooking blog this week, does that count? :) I will get on it and blog something just for you soon!

Look how far you've come! I got to go to the temple in Albuquerque this weekend, so your name is there as well!

lesliem said...

That's what makes a championship team? that is so hokey. Hey, my team is kicking some patootey, too. Maybe we will play each other after all this year in Pasadena! We'll be watching from Honolulu.