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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

cramping and dreaming

So I spent most of the day yesterday cramping. I didn't know I was worried until I called Mike about 4:30 to see what time he was coming home and told him. Then I started to cry. How funny, now matter how many times I go thru this I still cry. Yes I realize I'm still super early and I think that's why. As much as I feel like I'll never stop being pregnant and I want this baby out because I know it will be fine.. it's still just a 31 weeker. (yea for 31!!!!) Doctors and nurses will always tell you to drink 32 oz of water to see if the cramping stops. They like most medical people realize just how important water is and how quickly your body revolts without enough.
So 96 oz of water went in me yesterday, I still probably have most of it in me and my body is back to it's happy normal self.

So then the dreaming starts. Last night I dreamt I was cramping so I went to the hospital and found an empty room up on Antepartum (my 2nd home) and hooked myself up tot he TOCO machine (ya'll know the one... they put it on your belly to see your contractions on the print out) and I was there hanging out with Isabel. We were in this huge room that was more like a mini dance hall.....so I did what anyone whose dreaming would do, I tried to get up and casually dance, with out engaging my stomach muscles. You can probably guess how well that went. Needless to say my printout was all over the board and all I could think about was... man there goes my flat line record. Finally Isabel told me I should probably stop dancing. I don't remember much else other then a nurse coming in. It's pretty foggy after that.

So that's my welcome to 31 weeks party.


lesliem said...

Sorry I can't comment as much on your blog as you do on mine. Dreams are just your brain dealing with the day, which sounded stressful. 96oz of water! I did that once and I almost fainted from the water drawing out all the electrolytes from my body. Keep persevering. And next time, go through this when I am in the country to help take care of you.

Kristin Tice said...

So glad the cramps stopped! I do have to say that I haven't commented in a while so I have a few things to add...I love that website you linked to for the diaper bag. Of course I couldn't find the specific tutorial yet, but they have a ton of cute ideas! So, thanks! And I love Grey's now too. Last year they started over with re-runs on Saturdays so I started watching after catching one new episode. (The candle house that Merideth made, and I was hooked!) The season finale from May was just awesome. So I can't wait to get til Thursday for more new shows!!!! And glad to know I'm not alone with crazy dreams! Good luck with making it another week!