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Thursday, November 27, 2008

What I'm thankful for.

I wanted to join the many others and list the things I am grateful for on this day.

1. Mike- This man is AMAZING!
2. My daughters- they have both taught me amazing things about myself, about this Gospel and about how to love
3. Family- mine and Mike's they have been there for us and helped us in ways they could never know
4. Home- I love my home and although it may not be Mike's favorite, he makes it all he can for me.
5. Food- I love to eat and eat and eat and have been through lean times without much of it.
6. Gospel- words cannot adequately describe what this has done for me.
7. TV - I admit very often my sanity is found here, it's a stress reliever and a babysitter.
8. Friends- More then ever before, this fall I found the importance of wonderful friends
9. Modern medicine- I would not have had either one of my girls with out it.
10. China- not the country (although it does have it's merits), I like having nice things and using them
11. Talents- I may not have a ton but I'm cultivating my scrap booking and sewing, it's so much fun!
12. Patience- Don't laugh! But I have learned from my daughter how to have and apply it, somewhat...
13. Sunshine- It can lift your mood on the dreariest of days
14. Cars- I'm lazy and it's nice to not have to walk or bike 30 miles away
15. Peaceful moments- need I say more
16. Cows (I'm stealing from Cheyenne)- one word... CHEESE
17. Cookie dough- a staple of my diet
18. Modern conveniences- computers to appliances, life is easier with them.
19. Callings- I really enjoy teaching Relief Society and hope that I can get better and better with time.
20. Holidays- Helping us all to remember and pay tribute to what's important.
21. Twilight- and others similar. Stories that take you away and evoke emotions and feelings that let you escape.

I'm sure I could think of many more if I sat here all day but I truly hope that everyone here get to enjoy their Thanksgiving day.


Aubrey & Cheyenne Martin said...

You hit on so many that I missed! Cookie dough, modern medicine, sunshine, cars. Oh, and China has NO merits, unless you count Sara.

lesliem said...

Hi Tracy-
I hope (and am very sure) that your T-day went beautifully. Ours definitely did... my dark chocolate cake with homemade cranberry sauce and white chocolate frosting was quite good. Someday I will make the whole meal. But for now, I'll eat others'! Somehow I made it without leftovers... I think we'll buy some stuffing, etc and make some leftovers.
And China has lots of merits... why do ya'll think our computers, toys, cars, and everything etc are so cheap!
My plate china has never even left the box. At least the country does something besides take up space in my closet!