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Friday, November 7, 2008

My turn

Ok I I never do tags but as I'm sitting here watching Lil' Einsteins with Isabel I figure...why not.


8 TV shows I watch
1. Chuch
2. Burn Notice
3. CSI: NY
4. CSI
5. CSI: Miami
6. House
7. Lil' Einstines
8. Handy Manny

8 Things that happened yesterday
1. Girl time at a friends
2. Put 3 kids in time out for not listening. They just couldn't stop banging the doors!
3. Went to the fabric store for a sale
4. Stopped by a friends to drop of her Arbonne stuff
5. ate cookie dough
6. Bought stuff to make Isabel a stocking. (hey Jeni, I'll race you!)
7. Called people for work
8. Emails, blog etc

8 Favorite places to eat:
1. Pepitos (maybe it's just nostalgic and I don't have it here.. so it's always sooo good!)
2. Courtney's house
3. My house -breakfasts are the best!
4. Franco Tratitoirias (I butchered this spelling, we just found this restaurant and I love it!)
5. Taco Time
6. Macaroni Grill
7. Chevy's
8. Arby's
(wow, that was hard... we don't eat out enough I guess...)

8 Things I am Looking Forward to:
1. Having our business take off... we are so close
2. Thanksgiving at my house this year!
3. Visiting Alabama SOON
4. Christmas
5. Isabel being potty trained
6. My sister's wedding!!!!! (these are in order of happenings... not importance)
7. Having another baby... no I"m not pregnant but I want to be, and I can't right now
8. To stop looking forward and start enjoying today

8 Things on my wish list:
1. President Mitt Romney
2. Alabama National Championship
3. To go to a Bama game this year
4. To win the $15,000 shopping spree the radio station is giving out
5. To have Isabel potty trained
6. For my family to come down for Christmas like they were supposed to
7. For our business to take off!
8. GMC Acadia

8 Tagged People
1. Who ever wants to or none at all....


Aubrey & Cheyenne Martin said...

I think the CSIs should count as one show.

tracyp said...

But they're on on different nights! Plus then I wouldn't have 8 shows, I'd only have 6...

Southern Princess said...

lol! I am with Cheyenne! Though I am sure you could figure out 2 HGTV shows that, ahem, I know are watched in your house... maybe even a TLC show??? :)
So happy to see a certain favorite 'eatery' on your list. I cannot wait to make something extra special for your visit!:)

Katy said...

Pres.Mitt Romney--that's so funny. Jesse and I both think that McCain would've had a better chance (although I still don't think it would have been enough) if he had picked him instead of Palin.

E said...

K I'll do it.