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Monday, November 10, 2008

It figures

I was supposed to work today. I got showered, all dressed up (well dressed) make-up on. Costco was first on my list then the HS afterwards. I called my boss to double check things and found out that the HS was cancelled (not school but me working today), then I figured out that Mike has my wallet and he left for a funeral. So here I am all dressed with Isabel, and no where to go. I could clean my house but who wants to clean in good clothes, and I don't want to change just to change back on two hrs. Plus I feel silly wearing make-up and sweats. I feel like I'm stranded at the prom.

So instead I'll blog about our family trip on Saturday. We took Isabel to the science center. She loved the Dinosaurs, until she got to close, it was a Tyrannasaurus Rex that was standing guard over his pray. A triceratops lying on the ground with teeth gouges and it was still breathing. Kinda creepy. We stopped by the Build-a-bear and Izzy ran around looking at it all, we decided no to by one there. She was scared of the blow up great white shark display also. We ended by walking over the freeway in the hallway conncecting the two sides of the center and Isabel loved standing over the clear glass inserts on the floor watching the cars underneath, and then running to the space ship stuff. Oh and I got practically no pictures of the stuff she loved.
Also is this great video of Isabel from last night, she's getting excited for Christmas!

Balancing skills

working hard to be like hamsters

So excited to get inside

Eating in the car


Katieellen said...

AHHHHHH...She talks! What a darn cutie!

lesliem said...
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E said...

Very cute pics Tarcy.
And your blog is ever changing!

lesliem said...
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E said...

Tarcy? What the heck!
Tracy! :-) Unless you like Tarcy?

lesliem said...

looks like someone shares your (our) ability to make facial expressions...

And it looks like she's trying to say Go Ducks when she jingles bells. Are yo co-opting my hard work?

Sorry, two comments. I couldn't chose which one I liked better...

Aubrey & Cheyenne Martin said...

Cute stuff! Will I for sure see you in two weeks?!