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Sunday, November 9, 2008


I'm so done with games like that! It wore me out... out date last night didn't go nearly as well as hoped I was so tired!... I didn't beat Mike at putt-putt... we tied. Similar to how Bama was... maybe we should have had a playoff hole!


Rachael M. said...

I wore my new, awesomely pregnant sized Bama hoodie today and had people comment on it several times at lunch :-D

Ben thinks it's funny, since I don't care much for football and never know how to respond to their comments.

I told one girl I hadn't seen the game because I had been at a shower. She said, "Well, you should have skipped the shower!"

I don't think she realized I was pregnant, due to the awesome hugeness of the hoodie. LOL

tracyp said...

I guess you skinny lil' butt got a huge compliment!

Aubrey & Cheyenne Martin said...

Yeah, Rachael, I can see how someone could think that you're NOT pregnant...Isn't it funny, Tracy, how we used to live for those games? Old age does more than make us stiff, I guess...