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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A great weekend

This past weekend, thanks in part to my boss at work, Mike and I were able to finally have some time for us. We had the awesome opportunity to head to down Alabama for a football game. Courtney called me Wednesday night and told us she got tickets for us to the Miss State game ( ROLL TIDE!!!) and since Mike had never been to a game, and well, we needed time away, we went. Isabel stayed here with Mike's mom who watched her for the weekend (thank you Cindy).
We stayed at the cutest bed and breakfast. The owners took such great care of us and cooked us wonderful food. (thanks to the Barr B & B). We of course did a bit of shopping at Alumni Hall, my new favorite store there. Ate great food, went to Pepito's, my favorite, etc. The game was awesome, Mike is truly an Alabama fan. Sunday we headed to our old ward and it was so great to see everyone again. Thanks everyone who came up and spoke to us, we loved seeing everyone so much!
Isabel had a great time with her extended family. I'm guessing she was told how her grandma was so proud of her because when we picked her up and got her in the car, she was trying to hug my seat and kept saying, "I so proud of you momma". So yea, my 2.5 yr old is very proud of her mom!
Today was also a great day. I finally got a new hairstyle for Isabel. Annette, you have inspired me! I was always so jealous of her girls.


E said...

Aww she looks so cute. And you guys look really sweet too!

Annette Larsen said...

Ah! Perfect, ponytails are the best. Every little girl should be required to experience them. So so cute. Glad you guys had a good time down in Alabama, sounds like fun.

Southern Princess said...

lol! I love the ode to the Barr B&B. We loved having you as our guests and so look forward to the next time that you are here.
I LOVE the pigtails! SO PRECIOUS! I will post my pics so you can swipe them. Glad you got one of y'all in the stadium. Marcus already misses his high on life friends... :)

Cindy Pulley said...

Love the pony tails. We had a grand time while you were out of town. She did lots of things to be proud of. Izzy is the most perfect little child (no bias here). She spilled a number of times. The first time she was helping me make scrambled eggs and she broke an egg open. It missed the bowl and landed on the floor... "Sorry, Grandma. I made a mess." Then she spilled her water, and again, she said the same thing. She insisted on sweeping her crumbs under her chair, putting her plate in the d.w. Then she spilled her milk. She helped clean up each time. We went to the bank & shopping... butter, Izzy toothpaste, strawberries, pineapple, tangerines, a brush (couldn't find one for her hair), lettuce, and tissues for her little nose. We played "ball" with ALL the balls around your house (and there were at least six), read books. She kept me going. We did her laundry... she helped. She has been good to say please and thank you all the time. But she didn't like unexpected events... like realizing we were going to a different ward for church... "I want my mom." or finding me instead of you in the morning... "I want my mom." So heartbreaking, but so brief. On Monday she woke up at our house after spending so much time with Katie. She announced with great satisfaction, "We're done sleeping," like she had checked off another thing on her to-do list. Cracked us all up.
She loves Happy Boy (our cocker spaniel, for readers who don't know), and would laugh when he barked at her.

The Archibald Family said...

I'm jealous y'all got to go to a game. You look so cute. Were those houndstooth earrings?
Lovin' the pigtails too!

Caroline said...

it was SO good to see you on Sunday! I was so excited to see you walking through the door! Garrett was cracking me up telling you to slow down-I totally forgot how fast you talk!

Aubrey & Cheyenne Martin said...

Grrreat to see you! I LOVE THOSE EARRINGS!!!