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Monday, November 24, 2008


No I haven't changed allegiances.. but Mike took Isabel to her first hockey game... and she was able to cheer Go Blues! On a side note if anyone followed the Roll Tide/Go Ducks fiasco between me and my sister... the Blues were playing the Ducks so Mike had to quickly train her again the Ducks were bad... Unless you talking to my sister in which she can cheer with her. So back to the night at hand. Isabel was having fun with the folding seats and finally catapulted herself into the people in front of her. Thankfully they didn't mind and just laughed. They had to leave after the 2nd period and Isabel was waving and saying by to everyone, and the game. So my daughter has been to her first professional sports game, she's still talking about it, all day long!



Aunt Katie and Izzy read to cheer!

just before flying off the seat!

So excited about the game!


Rachael M. said...

Do you ever wonder if any bit of her is you? I mean, you and Cheyenne both got babies that are spitting images of their daddies!

tracyp said...

I know... One day.. maybe one day. She looks adopted

Aubrey & Cheyenne Martin said...

It was a great movie, huh? I love hockey and I'm glad Izzy liked it too. It's definitely a fun sport to watch and has some of the funnest fans in the sporting world.

lesliem said...

Hey, not all ducks are good, I admit it. I'll have a chance to help her practice again when I come in a few weeks (!). Yes, Dad finally pulled through! I can't wait to see this bundle of cuteness.