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Monday, February 25, 2008


Yesterday I finally had one of those Sundays that makes the world better. Aside from not being able to pay attention in Sacrament meeting because I have Isabel, the choir sang Come, Come Ye Saints and we had two soloists, they did such an amazing job. Lara sounded better then anyday she had practied it at choir (and yes that is saying a lot), Sunday School was go good also, we have a great Sunday School teacher that can really hold your attention and helps to make it personal to you. My Laurel advisor is outstanding (plus we had fudge!) and then we had a fireside for the YW at my house on self-esteem. The fomrer YW president was the speaker and it really made an impact on me, not just the girls. How I see myself and even how I portray that I see myself. The night ended with reading D&C 121. truly for me one of the most impactive sections of scripture (OH! I also beat Mike in SkipBO). I love those Sundays when you truly feel like your cup has been filled, that you didn't just get a few drops here and there.

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John and Lara said...

Why thankyou Tracy! I'm glad I could aid in your spiritual growth!