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Tuesday, February 5, 2008


I received a phone call yesterday from Cheyenne telling me that Alana Cook passed away yesterday. It was a call I was expecting sometime soon, but still it saddened me. Not for Alana, she is off to meet her Savior and her Heavenly Father, but for her family who is left here to mourn her passing. I don't want to pretend for a minute that their suffering has already left them, but my heart goes out to them. Alana was a beautiful daughter of God who always had a sweet smile on her face. She was so pure and angelic with a great sense of humor. Unfortunately I never got to know her as well as most but I will always remember her with a smile and my face, all of us that knew her more more blessed because of it.


Thanaglim said...

thank you for writing about her. I appreciate it

jennihaywood said...

Hi Tracy. I am sorry about your post. I don't know who Alana is but she sound like she was a good person. How are things. Call me and I will call you back. I have free long distance. I was going to post on my blog today but Alex is really really sick and so I have been attending to his needs all day. I am going to post for sure tomorrow. This weekend I will be painting a lot. I am so excited. I can't wait to get it all done. It is so nice to actually own a house that I can alter and decorate...so much fun. I am going through Tracy withdrawls. If I still lived in St.Charles we would be scrapbooking all of the time. Please come to Utah so I can have a friend. hehehehe! Love ya!