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Wednesday, February 20, 2008


We tried to get rid if our Dog yesterday. Gibby just will not stay potty trained. For all of you who are about to offer your advice on how to make this happen...no need we have tried EVERYTHING that has been tried ever in the history of training dogs at home. We are going to take him to a no kill shelter and they said that he should be purchased quickly, which is what we want. We are slightly sad but then we I think about the giant mess I had to clean up on Sunday...I'm reminded why we are doing it. The shelter is still better then the house we rescued him from. Truly the filthiest, germ/mold infested house every. Truly uninhabitable. So we at least did a good dead for a few months. We might try and get another dog next year. (In my defense the dog is much more chiuaua then jack russell and is ...CRAZY). So we should get a call from the shelter in a day or so once they get space for him. Pretty soon, my brand new house may feel brand new again!

Oh and I'll try and post pictures again, I realize my blog has gotten boring with out them, I guess that mean I have to go buy batteries again...


Thanaglim said...

too bad you couldn't get the dog whisperer i love that show

Aubrey & Cheyenne Martin said...

Poor Gibby! How old is he? Maybe his first place of residence traumatized him! Peanut took forever to house train! He was almost a year old before he stopped peeing on company. The next time you get a dog, try for a female. They're supposed to be easier...although if you don't get them spayed, they have to wear a diaper once a month...or whatever the cycle is.

jennihaywood said...

Hi! I would have to agree with you about getting rid of the dog. The stress is not worth it plus a new house and all the mess...not fun...at all! Did you see how many comments from the scrapbook world I am getting? That makes me so excited because that means paople are liking what I am creating. I have not posted the pictures of the house because the kids have been really sick and so it will be soon...promise.