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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Don't stop the music

Isabel LOVES this song. Lately for entertainment we've taken to turning on VH1 or MTV for Isabel and letting her dance. She loves her booty music! Last night Mike and I laughed so hard because as this Rihanna song was playing she was shakin' and movin' and her arms were going and twistin', she managed to dance all the way across the floor from one couch to the other. Hopefully soon I'll get her into gymnastics and then into some kind of dance class...(then she might have a better chance at being coordinated during sports then I was!).

Anyway here are some cute pictures we took last month after cleaning the car and then when she found my shoes...again..the red ones are her favorite!

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lesliem said...

I'm sorry, but don't you have a video camera!?!?! And doesn't blogger allow you to post videos?!?!? How can you tease me so? And after a long week's work, to come to this blog and be so... teased?