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Friday, February 22, 2008


For those with quesy stomachs...stop here. I have to say that I love raisins..they are tasty, my daughter loves them, they are easily portable and they keep Isabel quiet. However, these lil' items do make me sad on one sad point. They STINK when they exit Isabel's body. Plus they rehydrate. Enough said. All in all a great food, if you're not around later. So to all my friends who have to change her...my apologies, but please remember that I do have to bribe her to keep her quiet at times and raisins do work best!


lesliem said...

really?! I don't get pics, I get stories about poop?

Tracy said...

Just wait till she decides to stick them up her nose, that is lots of fun! Last summer we were driving home with Vincent in the back seat enjoying his raisins. All was well till he decided it would be cool to stick one up his nose. It is hard to explain to a screaming 2 year old how to blow his nose so the raisin will come out.

Debbie said...

I agree. Raisins are nice and very portable, but I don't enjoy seeing them again when they come back out the other way.