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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Why India?

I'm all for making money and saving money. But when you bottom line is compromised by your customer service...maybe you should rethink it. Like in the "good ol' days" that I never lived in but hear about when customer service is all that mattered. I called to set up my Dish service and then called be for a couple of questions...I apparently miss dialed and ended up in India! So now that my call has been re-routed and I'm on the phone on the other side of the world, we speak for 30 min all the while I'm listening to what I feel are preprogramed responses...like they have a piece of paper with 5 responses and surely one of them will always satisfy the customer so if I just keep repeating myself over and over and over...that is going to be the answer. Well not really. so after wasting my minutes on my phone and spending 30 minutes to change my order...when the Dish guy shows up..guess what.. my order was never changed. WHY INDIA! Can we at least talk to people that speak English when we are calling from the US to a US company...heck I'd take Ebonics over that. So I guess I'm still in The Waiting Place until Tuesday when the nice man comes back with the right equipment I can finally leave. (and watch Bama football!)


jennihaywood said...

HI Tracy!! Call ME Girl!!! I am sorry but your post made me laugh really hard because I went through everything you are going through about a month ago! It totally suxs and I hate to hook up utillities. Soo... any secrets about me???? Do tell Do tell. Ha ha he!
So when are you gonna call me. Post some pics of your house.

lesliem said...

Sorry, Tracy. You know I can't help it.

Why India? Because there is a profit to be made. And Indians do in fact speak English; just not the way we like. In fact, they actually start when they are young, growing up bilingual (though, like most of the rest of the world outside the US, they usually know more than merely two languages), rather than here where we are afraid to teach kids a second language because it will ruin our culture or something silly like that. Heaven forbid we try to understand other people and cultures. And, there are indeed places in the US where I cannot understand either when I call for help...
India is a former British colony, enslaved, starved, raped, pillaged and otherwise degraded for awhile before the West found that they could control them better through the economy. Hooray for independence (Oh, and during that independence, 30,000,000 people died because of religious fears the Brits whipped up). Don't blame Indians; they are trying to get a better life so that they can afford to get cable and nice jeans, too.
People in Georgia have the same canned answers as everyone else. The companies do that on purpose so that you will be frustrated and let them continue to screw you over. Blame Microsoft, IBM, Delta, AOL, and the hundreds of other companies that do this and our governement that gives tax incentives to companies that outsource and hire Indians (or Mexicans or Bangladeshies or Jordanians) rather than Americans. But the Indians answering your phone calls want to have a better life, too, which is why they work all night (12 hour time difference) and go through American culture classes and often accent neutralization class (though as you found, not all are required to do that... see purposful creation of frustration above) to take your calls.