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Monday, September 3, 2007

I'm back!

Hello! I'm finally back! Our neighbor gave us his password for his internet so now We don't need to pay for that...I'll he wants in return is to be feed once a month. So...bachelor's never change!
I love this house, it's so open and airy, we've settled the kitchen in, and Isabel's room should be finished soon, I have a friend coming on Tuesday to help me cut in on the corners...( I suck at that!) so I'm hoping to do the cute flower/butterfly stuff on the walls. Our bedroom is 1/2 way there and the dining room is almost painted. The rest may take another 4 months...we're so tired of painting. Isabel loves the new house she does laps around the kitchen/living/dining room combo. All in all it's been a wonderful few weeks trying to settle in! I hope all is well with everyone!


Southern Princess said...

I know.. I can sort of sound like a tour guide, but what better way to relay what I see :):):):) I am so glad you are back on line and that everything is going well. I spent the weekend in Atlanta doing murals on my niece's walls... I am considering making it a side job - will post pics of what I had to do today...Anyway, sounds like the house is going well, make sure you post or email some pics soon! I Love you!!!

tracyp said...

Hey, maybe you can come up here and help me paint Izzy's room...I know you need another vacation and you do really like our antique buying up here....