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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

New Milestone...(at Costco?)

I took Isabel to our favorite store today..Yes Costco. We were enjoying a lovely meal in the food court and I offered her some of my water...She drank it. Now this may not seem so amazing until I tell you that it's the first time she used a straw!!! She just kept drinking and drinking and best yet...no backwash!! I hope you can all be as excited as I am.. or at least fake it!


Southern Princess said...

though faking it is very tempting :) I truly am very proud of Izzie! I love the fact that it happened at Costco... girl is there a day in the week you don't visit that store??? :):):):) (look at me the impulse shopper asking you this :))

Thanaglim said...

alls i can say is....hahahahaha no backwash...did you actually check?

Caroline said...

YAY! Good job!
That cracks me up because we love to go to Sam's and eat pizza!

jennihaywood said...

I like to eat pizza also at COSTCO! :) :)