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Wednesday, September 19, 2007


I hate dealing with insurance. I would love it if they'd have a section for people who DO NOT go to the Dr. for every sniffle, every ache ect. But I understand that the vast majority of the people want a pill, or someone to know that they really just need their mommy. I also understand that with the rising cost of insurance, I'm sure the insurance companies are not making any money...so they have to inflate costs (see above reason with people crying all the time) so those of us that only go to the Dr. when we're pregnant (No I'm not if anyone is wondering) get screwed in the process. Granted I wouldn't change the fact that we live in the greatest nation on the earth with regards to medical care but I really really want my chocolate cake so I can eat it too!


lesliem said...

Really? Greatest on earth? 1/5 of the US population w/o insurance? Myself having been without insurance for many years, I might dispute that status... Quality of care means nothing to people who do not have access.

Though thankfully I am one of the most powerful grad student unions in the country... so I finally have access to good insurance. Yay for unions.

And don't fret about insurance companies. They make billions and billions on the oligopoly they have. They just like to scare you with fears of leaches.

Does it get old? Sorry, again. I know they are a pain and I know you're struggling to find the right plan. Just don't have sympathy for them because they won't offer you a decent plan!

tracyp said...

I guess you missed it...my sympathy was totally sarcastic!

lesliem said...

wow, this is the problem with electronic communication! Difficult to convey tone. Having sympathy for insurance companies... what was I thinking! It had to be sarcasm. I hadn't had my coffee yet, that's my only excuse for thinking you were serious!

And yes, addiction is bad.

Southern Princess said...

what are you doing at the dr? or are you just harping about a prior issue? anyway, totally felt the sarcasm. How are you doing, fewer posts by you this week, you must be busy. Oh by the way Nina just started a blog (today) so it is building, but on my page you can link to hers: The Watsons. She is still maneuvering the additions & stuff for her page but I am so proud that she is creating one!

lesliem said...

hello!? Where's more pictures of my niece!