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Monday, September 10, 2007


I have been thinking all day...I'm developing an addiction.. Not to anything spectacular, but to everyone else. I have been at my computer a lot today, between checking emails, taking my online realestate class, shopping for Izzy etc. My addiction is with everyone else's blogs. I have probably check everyone's blog about 5 times today so see if there were any more posts. It's so sad. Especially when so many of those people I could actually pick up the phone and call...So now that it's out there maybe I can get help....(of course if everyone would post daily I wouldn't need to get help...I'd have my fix!)


Thanaglim said...

Oh my gosh, I know how you feel :)

I check my facebook, email and blogs at least that much maybe more.

Southern Princess said...

I am the same. when I have a free second at work I am either checking a blog or facebook. I need to post more often, but I don't always. That would help your addiction though Tracy... maybe I should become even MORE addicted so to help YOUR addiction... this could be a real issue :)

Southern Princess said...

the commander is blue, like dark blue a navy almost black Jeep calls it Metallic Pearl Blue. I LOVE IT!!! The interior is gray. There was no order of importance, per say :) lol.

Debbie said...

Obviously, you are not the only one with an addiction. I am addicted to checking other people's blogs, too, but I'm not the best at posting a lot myself.

Caroline said...

I am definately addicted! Chris makes fun of me all the time cause I check my e-mail several times a day. I may not have time to respond right then but I still like to check it.

Southern Princess said...

funny you mentioned the gas thing, that has been the most surprising part of all about the new commander 20 mpg in the city 23 on the highway with a 22 gallon tank! That is insane for an SUV!!! Marcus truck still gets mileage like a truck, but not so bad his ratio is about 14 & 18. Yeah I do normally fume about the parkers too, but it does no good, so normally I just laugh at how crooked they were able to make the situation & move on. I have tried to be better about road rage :)