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Sunday, March 4, 2007

A new first

So last night was so much fun! We took Isabel to the new Children's hospital, she woke herself up because she was wheezing and could breathe. I called her old nurse from when she was in the NICU and Jen told me that I should go ahead and get checked out. Since Izzy was a preemie she is more suseptable to getting colds and especally RSV. So we went. Hindsight is so great. If I had really thought about it, her appetite hasn't changed, she was still a happy baby,she just had a cold. And although I figured she was ok the last thing I wanted to do was underreact to her illness. Since I usually don't worry about anything, I really didn't want this to be the time I should have but didn't. Here's the fun part, she is considered a "happy wheezer". A normal child that is happy, just wheezes for what ever reason with her cold. We left her in her car seat to sleep since being in an upright position helps her breathe better....Another cool note, she pulled herself up to a sitting position, a first...I guess survival instinct works for babies to!

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