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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Cute kid

So I have some new cute pictures of my Izzy. Due to the over abundance of begging by her aunt, I am posting some pictures of Izzy on the phone with Auntie Leslie, her walking today on our back patio and also her first steps on grass (she didn't really know what to think of it! )
So my total blond moment happened today after church. I was going downstairs to get something out of he kitchen of our basement (now, you have to remember that Mike tore up the floor and tore out all cabinets and put down cement board to lay tile on....) so as I"m walking down the stairs trying to avoid the wood splinters I decided to shorten a step not really accepting the fact that I needed to have by body weight supported. So...down the stairs I went, one arm clinging desperately to the banister hoping it would stop my careening to the bottom and the other arm (or rather elbow) trying to give me something to "prop" on. I finally stopped about 5 steps later and after a bruise to my elbow, a strain to my biceps tendon and a rub burn on my hand, I think I'll make it. OH my back also was hurting. I just sat there and laughed at myself and as Mike came running to make sure I wasn't dead (he didnt' want to have to change the diapers) he laughed too...

SO I hope you like the new pictures....

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lesliem said...

It is SO about time you put these pictures up. I mean it's been a week already! I enjoyed the conversation, too! We bonded quite well.