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Thursday, March 8, 2007

AHA! Moments

Last night I went out with a couple of girlfriends to TGIFriday's. I love getting together and "gabbing" with them. It may only happen once a month but it's a nice get away ( Mike even took the night off of working on the house so I could have a night out with the girls!!! He's so wonderful). So over to the title of this post. I've a had a few AHA! moments this last week. One is that I really do like myself even if I get depressed about silly things. Another is that even if all of my friends are at different places in their lives, if they get busy, it's not personal, but we still are friends. I realize this sound kind of silly for a 26 old to have realized this but for those who know me well, they understand that I may have all the knowledge in the world but until I have it said out loud, I don't apply it to myself. Lastly, I have worked so hard this week on my attitude, I am so tired of having "bad" days, so I have changed my song and really tried hard and this has been a great week so far, and I 'm getting my hair cut today so that always makes the day better!
One of my friends said last night that women have "moms" that come into their lives, for different reasons. Many women need someone for advise on certain subject for different trials and to look up to. I decided that I have 5 extra moms. So many of my friends, whether I've realized it or not, and whether I've asked for it or not, have fulfilled an amazing role for me. So I'd like to thank those people now. Of course I won't be saying names but this way everyone can feel special! On another note, I have a friend who also does a blog and she has some funny random entries, so I'm going to try and post more often (with pictures) and do random stuff on me, and my family....

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nyn said...

Excellent Post Tracy!! I have so many Aha moments somedays it is hard to keep track. Can't wait to read your upcoming works.