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Wednesday, September 24, 2008


The guests have all left, the house is all quiet.. minus Isabel... and life has started to begin again... We are starting to get back to life as normal around here. I've been scrapbooking more for a creative outlet, I've gotten not to shabby at it! My quilt is also coming along, I'll post pics when I'm done sewing the squares. I had these cute pics to post for my family of my daughter in the clothes they bought her... needless to say the camera had 4 pics in an unrecognizable format and those are probably them. But I do have pics of Courtney and myself at the airport.
Saturday was a busy day, Leslie left, 2 hrs after Courtney came. We went apple picking with some friends and ate yummy glazed pecans and walnuts with cinnamon (Niki they reminded me of the ones you sent me for Christmas 3 years ago). We watched some football, Courtney and I went down to mainstreet... wait I think I told ya'll that already!. Well Monday we went back, did some shopping and some talking and tried on a sold cashmere cape with fur trimming... WE LOVED IT!!! I wanted to buy it just because but since $1,000 is a bit much for an impulse buy right now. But it was fun!

Since everyone's left I have cleaned (yes I have!) I guess I should figure out how again after 3 weeks of having it done for me. Spent this morning filing... you know the fun stuff! I'm trying to get some pics of our family and our Brooklyn hung up on our picture wall, but I can't get my frames to hang right and look good together... but we finally received the black and whites from a non-profit that came and took pictures at the hospital for us. They turned our really well.
I'm off to do some Arbonne work and maybe actually get to the post office to mail some stuff out!

For all interested my MD appt is in 2 weeks and the high risk specialist hopefully the week after... Cheyenne might even get to go with me... because that's why she comes into town! Three weeks from THursday she'll be here!!!

Here are some pictures of me and Courtney... She has the one of my head totally sideways and if she's nice won't post it on hers!- I look a bit silly


Amy said...

I don't want to be pushy but if you're interested, Brandon Brazel uses a specialist in StL that she is very fond of. She had some significant problems with her last pregnancy as well. I'd be happy to get a name if you want.

Aubrey & Cheyenne Martin said...

Sounds like I timed my visit just right. When it comes to doctors poking and prodding below the bellybutton, I'm your girl!

lesliem said...

Sooo, where's this rebuttal of Isabel's "Go Ducks" chant that I posted on my blog? You guys scared her "Go Bama" isn't as cute as her "Go Ducks?" Are ya scared, huh? Well, are ya?