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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Night of many blessings

Ok, so many great things about today...
1. ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!!!!!

2. Relief Society General Conference... so great, heard a few things that were told to me in blessings at the hospital so that was awesome. Maybe I shouldn't admit it, but I was just waiting and waiting for Elder Uchtdorf to get up and speak... He is totally one of my new favorite three speakers. Now, I have only been to this meeting one other time, I didn't have a testimony of going, so I never went... of course it's hard to get a testimony if you don't go so you see my problem. SO I showed up after having 3 people remind me this morning about it. And here's why, there was a dinner prior to the broadcast and IMMEDIATELY after walking in the door, they started feeding us.. so yes that's right I was first in line, in front of a hundred people because Heavnely Father wanted to bless me and help me have a testimony...

3. Izzy being totally cute during her daddy daughter date, as they were leaving Macy's at the mall Izzy said "daddy stop, I wanna look at some pants". Yep too much shopping lately.
To preface this story... please no worries about my husband...
Mike took Isabel to McDonalds because when Mike asked her what she wanted for dinner she said "cheeseburger please". So cute so of course Mike took her. A young lady was asking questions to Mike about Isabel, how old she was, saying how cute her curls are... Isabel started pushing her daddy away and said "No daddy I got mommy!".
Yes My child has my best interests at heart!

By the way ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!!


Lane County Geographical Society said...
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lesliem said...

wow. that last one is a very cite story... also because it's so easy to believe Isabel saying all that. See, she's got a bit of you in her after all... and me, too, right? After all, she now likes to spontaneously burst out in "Go Ducks" even when you want her to say "Roll Tide!" Maybe that's because even though Bama won pretty great yesterday, Oregon had an even bigger win. (Yes, your opponent was ranked number three and ours is near the bottom, but still)

Southern Princess said...

HILARIOUS!!!!Love it! So Mike no Gisele huh? Ah well - she's too high maintenance anyway! Glad to know the shopping gene definitely found its way into Izzy. :)