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Sunday, September 21, 2008

And the Last Shall be First

The weekend is already shaping up to be so much fun! Leslie unfortunately had to leave on Saturday, but we had blast going ot the zoo, walking around Main street playing with Izzy, etc, I miss her already and wish we lived closer. Courtney is here visiting me and is the last visitor we are having to end our three week stink and as such is starting my month without visitors (until Cheyenne gets here next month). Yesterday we went apple picking the Court and I went walking around Main street for the arts festival, and yes found jewelry, or course. It was so nice to be able to stroll along and talk and be able to get a handle on things, look into reasons behind why things happen, why I react like I do, why I communicate like I do.
Today, after church we are having some yummy food, after all why would I have Courtney come stay and NOT cook for me! She's making her yummy fried chicken, yep, be jealous! Tomorrow it's probably back to Main street for more shops and antiques.
I am so fortunate to have so many friends who have come and stayed, the fun and joy they've brought and the help they've been in reading stories to Isabel!
It's nice to have vacations right in your own area. Maybe one day I'll post pictures again from all my visitors... once my sister sends them to me!

As a side note, I was talking with Courtney tonight and going thru the box of stuff that contained all of Brooklyn's memoriabillia. Mike and Isabel came in the room. They had been watching a church movie and when Mike asked where Brooklyn was she pointed up to the sky and said "up there". So Mike wanted to repeat this whole cute scene but when they came in the room and Mike asked Isabel where Brooklyn was... she promptly pointed at the bed and said "in the box".
Needless to say.. we were rolling!!!


Southern Princess said...

Isabel is adorable. Laughing at that moment was priceless. Being here with you & seeing how y'all are doing in the flesh has been wonderful. I love you so much. This has been amazing!Soon I will go home to my pool boy Marcus, leaving Jose & Juannanittaa.... ahh the game of Life. :)

McKay Coffey said...

Awww. That's precious! I miss Izzy So much.

Aubrey & Cheyenne Martin said...

Kids are so astute. Cute blog! Nice to see a little funk from the funkmaster. Can't wait to see you!

Jennifer said...

I agree with Cheyenne...this new blog layout is totally YOU! Funky and Fun! I miss you. Thanks for sharing your feelings about everything that has happened on your blog..get it all out. That's part of how healing will come. Love you!

Amy said...

I'm IN LOVE with your blog! How cute is this?!?! And I love that so many people are adding music. What a fun expression. It looks great!